Bad Boys

"Bad Boy" Traits


Whether a biker, sniper, or car wash wiper, any man can be a “bad boy.” Women love them, in fiction, even while we all know we probably wouldn’t want to be married to one in real life. Just to get your writer's Muse riled up in creating your latest “bad boy,” here’s a list of bad boy traits you might consider.


1. Hard to handle; controlling but uncontrollable

2. Decisive and self-confident

3. Intolerant of insubordination; expects others to follow

4. Capable of defeating enemies with the Alpha “staredown”

5. Does not share well, especially his woman (though he may well share women with his friends before finding that one special woman)

6. Less than genial when crossed

7. Apt to be taciturn; subject to bouts of silence, especially when making a decision

8. Never runs from a fight; won’t bother to avoid conflict

9. Finds fights amusing; would be the last to break one up

10.  Not subject to bursts of enthusiasm

11.  Sophisticated lover in the bedroom (or wherever) when he wants to be

12.  Used to having women fall all over him

13.  Vain

14.  Has a habit of narrowing his eyes

15.  Abrasive

16.  Often has a five o’clock shadow

17.  Sometimes violent, but deadly calm

18.  Has deeply hidden fears, often of personal inadequacies

19.  Possessive in speech and action

20.  Never shows that he feels threatened

21.  Won’t play if he’s not the one making the rules

22.  Doesn’t realize he can fall in love until it’s way too late

23.  Distant, aloof

24.  Expects unquestioning obedience

25.  Always seems uninterested

26.  Eventually reaches the deepest levels of intimacy in relationships

27.  Never admits to being lost

28.  Uses “No” a lot, without explanation

29.  Would never have a nervous breakdown

30.  Well respected

31.  Often a “player,” when he bothers

32.  Trustworthy to the Nth degree

33.  Seeks no one’s approval

34.  Never concerned with looking good, but always does

35.  Does not do things the “right” way