The Most Dangerous Wolf of All

Dangerous wolfThe Most Dangerous 'Wolf' of All was written as part of New Concepts Publishing's Valentine Promotion. As a new NCP author, I was so proud to be included in this distinguished group of authors.

~ Taylor

What blue eyes he had! The better to melt a maiden's heart.

What chiseled lips he had! The better to fan the flames of a maiden's desire.

What strong hands he had! The better to touch her as no one had before.

Red-haired Constance Blakely's marriage was never consummated before her husband abandoned her for a Continental tour. What's a resentful and curious maiden to do when a devilishly handsome "wolf" offers to show her what her husband would not?

Ms. Manning packs a lot of heat into this very short story (only 36 pages). Constance is a wonderful heroine and I loved her spirit, especially when she faces her "wolf".

~ Sharyn McGinty, In the Library

This reviewer loved this book. It had you guessing till the end whether the lady would still have her virtue intact when her wayward husband came home. Ms. Manning has written a charming tale of love and fairy tale endings...five angel rating for a book that will capture your heart.

~ Alma, Fallen Angel Reviews

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