The Maiden and the Werewolf

maidenwolf.jpgKira and Valgard's story is special to me. I hope you enjoy the excerpt (below) and will read the rest of their tale of love, adventure and discovery.

I especially want to crow over Eliza Black's beautiful cover for this story. Eliza is a wonderful artist and I'm so proud of her work here.

~ Taylor

The Maiden

Flaxen-haired Kira knows nothing of her destiny in the eternal struggle between the Light and the Evil Ones, until she's called to join the battle by the arrival of. . .

The Werewolf

Silver-maned Valgard knows everything about the battle and the time has come for him to claim his mate to fight beside him for. . .

Their Destiny

Kira resists her werewolf heritage until perfect love for Valgard casts out her fear.

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