The Groom Wore Guccis

The Groom Wore GuccisSuper-organized Livvy Swenson reserves the church then goes husband-hunting for her perfect match.

Livvy lives by her notebook planner, organizing her life to the nth degree, including a list of what she requires in a husband. But she's forgotten one requirement -- what the Ladies' Prayer Circle of Ophelia, Texas, calls "zing." Miss Daisy Hemphill and her friends pray for the right man for Livvy, but their prayers are answered by Gucci-wearing bartender Tex Braun.

Livvy is attracted to Tex, but is positive he can't possibly meet her intellectual requirements.

Multi-millionaire Tex Braun is hiding incognito as a roadhouse bartender to escape a high-society gold-digger who wants to hook him. Tex doesn't realize it but moving in the social circle of the roadhouse opens his eyes to the kind of woman he really wants to spend his life with -- Livvy.

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