Writer's Muse and Writer's Block

Over the years I've tried everything to evoke, invoke, and provoke my writer's Muse: how-to articles, supplications, incense, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, mantras, deep breathing (in through the nose, hold it for four, and out through the mouth), bribes, meditation, and even threats.
Nothing worked.
Until...wait for it...
...hunkering down and charging forward into the valley of writing (even without knowing where I was going) did the trick. Which is to say, working HARDER was the kick in the pants my Muse needed.
The same "trick" applied to what I once called writer's block.
Did you know that on her web page Nora Roberts says she has always worked eight hours a day, every day? No missing muse or writer's block there.
I rest my case.
p.s. I talk big, but have to admit that my "working harder" has rarely hit eight hours a day for very long. I think I might be lazy. Anybody know the cure for that?
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